L’Oreal Brandstorm Case Competition 2020 | Credit: Tara Menon | March 2020

Vanderbilt student government (VSG)

Increasing Transparency. Better representing VSG.

As the Director of Technology, I collaborated with members all across VSG to execute the VSG Website Revitalization plan that I spearheaded as a first-year


Upholding “Professional Development with Impact”

The Vanderbilt Students Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations (SCNO) website was redesigned with the organization’s mission in mind.


Strategically bringing to life Veer & Shun’s slogan.

Working with both candidates, I designed the campaign website to employ simplicity and to internalize their slogan, “Let’s Keep Going.


Product Design for a Personalized Skincare Product.

As part of a year-round product design team under the SyBBURE Searle Undergraduate Research Program, I led the marketing design of the minimum viable product (MVP) of dermocha‘s Cocoa Gem Face Masks.

SyBBURE Vigilante Innovation Presentation

  • Excerpt from dermocha‘s Vigilante Innovation (VIX) presentation of the minimum viable product (MVP) presented at the end of Summer 2019 

Product Demonstration

  • Demonstration video of the Cocoa Gem Face Mask MVP presented during VIX showcase
  • Final Cut Pro utilized for video editing & voice over addition